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I Love Vermont

I moved to Vermont from Chicago in 2010, not sure what to expect,

and my life has been an adventure ever since.  On a personal level, I’ve enjoyed spending more time outdoors skiing, showshoeing, hiking and boating. 


On a professional level I’ve had the opportunity to recruit for great companies and start-ups like Keurig, Seventh Generation and Green Mountain CBD, and also help students, mid-career and executive level job seekers find great jobs.  In addition, I teach a career coaching module at the University of Vermont, I’m a founding member of the Vermont Recruiters   and a member of VBSR - Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility.  

I’m proud of my success sourcing great talent for Vermont businesses, and also for helping clients find great jobs in Vermont.

Please feel free to contact me, I look forward to hearing from you.

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